How to Check Personality: If you want to know someone's nature, then observe his way of sitting, eating, writing, and sleeping. Through these methods, it is known what is the nature of a certain person.

Personality Check Tips: How do you behave towards others in life? How much success will you get in life? Some habits expose you to all these. It has been said in psychology that a lot can be learned about a man's nature from his small habits. American magazine 'Reader's Digest' has described in detail many such habits, seeing which you can guess the personality of any person.

Personality reflected in writing

According to psychology experts, people who write small size words are shy and introverted. While people who write capital letters are lively and extroverted (Personality Check Tips). People who give more space between 2 words while writing are people who like freedom. On the other hand, people have less space to be alone.

Human walking style

People who walk with fast steps are very energetic and logical. Such people are praised everywhere. People who walk with calm steps by keeping their chest forward and shoulders back are called celebrities. These people have a separate world of their own away from the common life, in which they maintain an outer shell of glitz. There is a lot of artificiality in the life of such people and they feel lonely in times of trouble.

Your sleeping style

A person's personality can also be known from his sleeping pattern (Personality Check Tips). People who sleep in a side position are very determined and non-compromising. They are very social people and are ready to help others. Many people consider his firm attitude foolishness and arrogance, but when the time comes, they also seek help from him. People who sleep on a straight back are calm and oriented towards the goal.

Sitting posture

According to experts, people who sit with both feet parallel to the ground are self-confident. On the other hand, sitting with one leg on top of the other shows arrogance. Those who sit with both legs together are humble but firm from the inside. On the other hand, a person who sits with both legs crossed is called careless.

Manner of eating

People who eat food very quickly, are impatient and ambitious by nature (Personality Check Tips). Because of this, they also have to face problems many times in life. On the other hand, people who eat food slowly and chew it, are calm and serious. There is a logic behind everything they say. Everyone listens carefully to the words of such people.

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