India vs Sri Lanka: Last time during the match of the Indian team, a snake came out at the Barsapara Stadium in Guwahati and the floodlights were switched off for a while.

India vs Sri Lanka 1st ODI: Unwanted controversies have tarnished the image of the Barsapara Stadium in the past.

Assam Cricket Association does not want to take any kind of risk this time. To avoid the situation of being embarrassed again, the Assam Cricket Association has taken several measures from the stadium to the road. The Assam Cricket Association has deputed pest controllers to spray snake-repellent chemicals on the stadium premises. Perhaps this was the reason that on the eve of the match, there was a smell of chemicals around the stadium.

Last time during the match with the Indian cricket team, the game had to be stopped for some time due to the snake entering the Barsapara Cricket Stadium in Guwahati, the capital of Assam. Not only this but the floodlights were also switched off for a while. Assam Cricket Association (ACA) president Taranga Gogoi told The Indian Express, apart from fogging to keep mosquitoes away, we are also spraying anti-snake chemicals outside the stadium and premises.

Traffic administration issued instructions to avoid traffic jam

The Kamrup administration has also announced the closure of government offices and educational institutions after 1 pm for the day-night match. Not only this, but to avoid traffic jams in the surrounding area, the traffic administration has advised spectators to avoid private vehicles, apart from allotting some designated parking spots around the ground.

Assam Cricket Association eyeing to host World Cup match

BCCI Joint Secretary Devjit Saikia has also made his intentions clear as he hopes that the ACA will get the rights to host the World Cup matches later this year. Devjit Saikia said this match is very important for the city, because there is not much time left for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, it will be closely monitored and if things go well ACA may get a chance to host a World Cup match.

Out of 38000, only 25000 tickets were sold

However, the dwindling popularity of the 50-over match in the era of T20 cricket is evident from the fact that with only a short time left for the start of the match, the stadium is almost empty when Rohit Sharma walks out for the toss. Only 25,000 tickets out of 38,000 have been sold, said an ACA official.