Every person has a name of his own by which people identify him. But what if I tell you that some people do not have a name of their own? You will say how is it. But it is true. Today we are going to tell you about one such village in India which is known as Whistling Village. Let's know the strange reason behind this.

Learn about Whistling Village

Kongthong village of Meghalaya is a bit special and is known as 'Whistling Village'. The people living here do not have their names; they are called by different tunes, which sound like a city.

This is the reason why Kongthong village is known as Whistling Village. This village is situated in the East Khasi Hills district, which is situated at a distance of 60 kilometres from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya.

The people of Whistling Village have 2 names

The people who live in Whistling Village have 2 names. A name is common and is like the tune of a song. Like the tune of the song, there are also 2 versions of the name. One is very small and the other is big. The short tune name is used for conversation at home and the long one is for outsiders.

Mother gives the tune

There are about 700 villagers in this village with 700 different melodious names. This tune is given by the mothers after the birth of the child. When someone says goodbye to the world from the village, then after that the tune also ends.

Not only Whistling Village but there is many such villages in India.

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