Economic Survey 2023: The Economic Survey gives a glimpse of the budget to be presented the next day.

Economic Survey 2023: All eyes are on the General Budget 2023-24. The budget will be presented on February 1. A day before this i.e. on January 31, the Economic Survey will be presented. Before the budget, this economic survey has its importance. The purpose of the government introducing this is to tell the public in which direction the country's economy is going. Through this, it is known in which direction the economy is going in terms of inflation and growth rate. The Economic Survey mainly gives a glimpse of the budget to be presented the next day. The Economic Survey is published by the Ministry of Finance. It presents the report card for one year of the government. In this, it is told what development work was done by the government in one year.

Know these 5 things about the Economic Survey

The Economic Survey analyzes trends in agricultural and industrial production, infrastructure, employment, money supply, prices, imports, exports, foreign exchange reserves, and other relevant economic factors that have a bearing on the budget.

It is presented in the Parliament before the budget for the coming year.

The flagship document of the Ministry of Finance, the Economic Survey provides detailed statistical data covering all aspects of the economy.

For a better appreciation of the impact of government income and expenditure on other sectors of the economy, it is necessary to classify them in terms of some economic quantity, for example, how much is set aside for capital formation, and how much is spent directly by the government. Is. How much is transferred by the government to other sectors of the economy through grants, loans, etc? This analysis lies in the economic and functional classification of the Union Government budget which is brought out separately.