You must know that our body converts it into energy only by using fat so that we can remain active. The fact that our body uses is called triglycerides. For good health, it is necessary that the level of triglycerides also remains normal.

People in whom triglycerides increase may have to face many health problems. Actually, due to the increase of triglycerides, the arteries get blocked, due to which fatal problems like heart problems, high blood pressure, blood sugar can occur. So, today in this article, Dietician RituPuri of ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital is telling you why increasing triglycerides is not considered good for health-

What are triglycerides?

  • Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood present in our body. When the body needs energy, the body manufactures energy from triglycerides, which keeps our body in active mode.
  • If you consume too many carbohydrates i.e. the number of carbohydrates in your diet is high, then it can also increase triglycerides in your blood. Triglycerides are usually found in foods like butter, and oil.

Why do triglycerides increase?

When you consume a lot of carbohydrate-rich food, it increases the level of triglycerides. So understand that people often think that by eating less fat, the number of triglycerides can be controlled, and then this is a wrong concept. Along with fat, the amount of carbohydrates you are consuming also matters a lot.

Disadvantages of increasing triglycerides

If the level of triglycerides increases in the body, then it can cause many problems in the body-

  • When the level of triglycerides increases, the arteries of the heart begin to thicken, due to which the risk of stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases increases.
  • Also, if triglycerides are too high, they can irritate the pancreas. Also, it can lead to inflammation, which can affect sugar management.
  • On the other hand, for people whose triglycerides are not under control, their sugar is often high. At the same time, the risk of heart-related problems also increases when the sugar level is high.

How to manage triglycerides level

You can try some measures to keep triglycerides under control-

  • Always keep your weight under control. Various research has shown that if overweight people lose 5 to 10 percent of their weight, it reduces the level of triglycerides in their body by about 20 percent.
  • To keep triglycerides under control, you must make exercise a part of your daily lifestyle. You can also do physical activity. If you are fond of sports, it also plays an important role in keeping triglycerides under control.
  • Stay away from alcohol or other intoxicants. Special attention needs to be paid to food. Eat fewer sweets, and reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates. Instead of these, include things like omega-3 fatty acids, beans, peas, and soy in your diet.

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