The stronger the relationship between husband and wife, the more fragile it is in the initial days of marriage. Husband and wife have to adjust in the initial days of marriage. When they are in the phase of understanding each other, many ups and downs come in their life. Sometimes half the problem comes because of your saying something that your partner doesn't like. Women especially if they say things in small things, then it can bring a rift in their relationship. Wives should speak thoughtfully in front of their husbands to strengthen the relationship and avoid any kind of trouble. Wives should take special care of some things while talking to their husbands. Let us know about those five things which a wife should not do in front of her husband at all.

Don't praise maiden
After marriage, women often praise their maternal home in front of their husbands or in-laws. Avoid doing this in excess. Excessive praise of maternal uncle may make your husband feel like you are comparing your family with his family. The husband may also feel that you are not happy with him and that's why he often praises his maternal home. This may be disliked by the husband.

Do evil to in-laws
Almost every man wants his wife to consider his family as her own. In such a situation, if you talk badly about your mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, or brother-in-law in front of your husband, then your husband will not like it. It may be that he does not say anything to you but it is not a good thing to gossip about the in-laws again and again from the husband. Due to this, there can be sourness in the husband's mind regarding the relationship.

Don't compare your husband
The husband never likes his wife to compare him with someone else. Especially if you compare your husband with any other man, then he may feel bad. Due to this, he can also get angry with you or there can be an argument.

Give attention to the husband
Every man wants the full importance of his wife. Do not forget your husband during any function or gathering. Give them importance and time. Don't be so busy with friends or relatives that you forget to spend time with your husband. The husband needs your attention. Especially in front of you and your friends. If they do not do this, they may feel bad and there may be a distance in the relationship.