The graying of hair at an early age is no less than a curse. No one wants to face this problem before marriage. When a man's hair starts graying, children start calling him 'uncle', which leads to a lot of embarrassment and low confidence. Some people use chemical-based hair color or hair dye to darken the hair, but this can cause reverse damage instead of benefits, as it causes rough hair. That's why it is better that you try natural methods only.

Make white hair black with the help of these 3 home remedies
1. Mehndi And Coconut Oil

After drying the henna leaves in the sun for several days, grind them well and boil them after mixing coconut oil in them. When the dark color of henna starts appearing, take it off the gas. Now, wait for this mixture to cool down and apply it to your hair. Wash hair after drying for a few hours. The difference will be visible in a few days.

2. Indian Gooseberry And Coconut Oil
We are all aware of how beneficial Amla is for our hair. Apart from this, hair growth becomes better due to coconut oil. If you are facing the problem of white hair, then mix Amla powder and coconut oil well. After this, heat the mixture a little on the gas. Now leave it like this for the whole night. Apply it on the hair after waking up in the morning, if you do this regularly then the hair will become dark.

3. Olive Oil and Nigella Oil
If whiteness starts appearing in the hair at the age of 20 to 25, then you can use olive oil and fennel oil for this. You mix these two oils and close them in a bottle. Apply it regularly from hair roots to full length and leave it for about 3 hours. Finally, wash the hair with the help of mild shampoo.