Scams are being done in new ways every day in the country. The government and cyber agencies are also alerting people but no significant effect is visible. Courier scams have been going on in the country for many months. Many people have become victims of courier scams and crores of rupees have been withdrawn from their bank accounts. Now Cyber Dost, the cyber agency working under the Home Ministry, has issued an alert regarding this courier scam. Let us know what this scam is and what precautions you need to take to avoid it.

What did the cyberfriend say?
First of all, let us know what Cyber Dost has said about this scam. A cyber friend has said in a post on X that one should stay away from such fake officials. These scammers make fake calls impersonating police, and NCRB agents and trick people about their fake parcels. Report such scams or calls.

What is a courier scam?
This is a new kind of scam. In this scam, cyber thugs pretend to be customs officials or courier company officials and scare people in the name of drugs or customs. They call people and tell them that a parcel has arrived which contains illegal goods. After that these people make Skype calls to deceive people. After that, they cheat in the name of verification by taking bank account information.

What is the way to avoid a courier scam?
The very clear thing is that if you have not ordered any courier then why are you getting a call from the courier? Do not answer such calls. If someone is harassing you again and again, block him and complain to the cyber police station. If anyone calls in the name of the Custom Department, do not talk to him.
Do not share your personal information like bank details at any cost. If someone sends you a web link, do not click on it. Complain about such scams by calling 155260 or complain online by visiting

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