Planets have been considered very influential in astrology. The effect of the direction and Dasha of the planets brings both auspicious and inauspicious results in a person's life. On the other hand, talking about the side effects of the planets, many remedies can get you the blessings of the planets without spending a single penny.

According to the information given by our astrologer expert DrRadhakant Vast, planets are related to many things, but mainly trees are considered effective. That is, if trees are planted according to the planets, then the planets start getting auspicious results from it and the blessings of the planets are showered.

Tree For Sun

Sun is not only considered to be the source of energy of the universe, but its place comes first among the planets. According to astrology, if a white Madar tree is planted, it strengthens the position of Surya and increases respect in life.

Tree For Moon

Moon is considered the factor of the mind. The presence of the Moon in a high place makes the mind firm, while its presence in a low place makes the mind fickle. One can never get success in life with a fickle mind. In such a situation, to strengthen the moon, a Palash tree should be planted.

Tree For Mercury

Mercury being in an auspicious position makes a person strong in speech. A person's speech means that his speech affects everyone. Along with this, Mercury is also responsible for sharp intelligence. In such a situation, it is necessary to keep Mercury strong and for this planting, a tree of Apamarg is considered auspicious.

Tree for Mars

Mars is also a symbol of anger, bravery, courage, power etc. In such a situation, to keep Mars strong, planting Khadir or Shishir tree and worshipping it is considered very fruitful.

Tree for Jupiter

Knowledge is communicated only through the Guru. In such a situation, to keep the Guru's place auspicious, not only should a Peepal tree be planted, but the Peepal tree should also be worshipped, circumambulated, etc. daily. Due to this, the blessings of Guru i.e. Brihaspati continue to shower.

Tree for Venus

Venus is known as the factor of marriage and married life. When Venus is auspicious, a person gets all materialistic pleasures. In such a situation, to keep Venus strong, the sycamore tree should be worshipped and measures related to it should be done.

Tree for Saturn

Shani Dev is considered to be the factor of sorrow, poverty, disrespect, death etc. In such a situation, the easiest way to please Shani Dev is to plant a Shami tree and worship it daily. Shani's grace will always bring auspicious results from this.

Tree for Rahu

Planting a sandalwood tree is considered best to keep Rahu strong which is considered to be the factor of travel, society and caste. Due to this, the sufferings or problems caused by Rahu go away.

Tree for Ketu

Ketu has been considered the cause of premature death and disease in astrology. In such a situation, to get the blessings of Ketu and to keep it strong, bringing the Kush tree is considered to be the most auspicious and fruitful.

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