Everyone likes to travel and for this, they choose different places. In such a situation, many people plan to go trekking with their friends. In trekking, you can travel a long way by crossing valleys, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and forests. Trekking through rolling hills with friends is a memorable experience. But if you go out trekking without planning, then many times you may have to face trouble. In such a situation, you must take care of all those special things that can make the trekking journey easier. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about the important planning to be done before going on trekking.

Keep things light in the bag
The first thing that comes to mind for beginners going on trekking is light packing. Do not put unnecessary things in your bag. Pack only the essentials like clothes, food, medicines, etc. A full backpack should never be carried on a steep climb, as it makes you fall backward instead of forward.

Water is your companion
A variety of conditions may be encountered while climbing and descending mountains. Once the ascent is started, there is something else to complete it. It is very important to keep the body balanced while climbing. So you should have around 4 to 5 stocks of water. Water protects the body from dehydration. Keep taking some amount of water after every 20 minutes so that the water in the body remains in balance. Keep in mind that do not drink a lot of water at once.

Pay attention to clothes
You should also pay enough attention to clothing while tracking. Try to wear light-colored clothes during this time, which can reflect the sun's rays. Also, you can wear clothes that have zipper vents so that your body can feel the coolness. However, you should also use things like hats and sunscreen along with clothes.

Wear water-resistant trekking shoes
One of the most important things is to buy yourself water-resistant trekking shoes. Because many places can be slippery during the trek and if you do not want to slip during the trek and want to keep your feet from getting wet then buy waterproof shoes. Apart from this, good trekking shoes will help you in maintaining a good grip while climbing mountains and will avoid getting your feet wet when you cross waterfalls and river channels.

Carry a portable charger with you
You will not find charging sockets while trekking in the mountains. Hence, it is always good to have a portable charger with you. If you can't find a place upstairs where you can charge your phone, we recommend that you turn off your phone after notifying your family to save battery.

Don't forget to have breakfast
Starting the day with breakfast is very good for health. You must have heard and read such things many times. Breakfast will be helpful for you even during trekking because it is very important to maintain energy in the body. This will save you from hunger while trekking. Do not consume too much tea or coffee for breakfast. Due to this, you may have the problem of dehydration.

Do research
It is very important to prepare yourself completely while trekking. For this, it is most important that you thoroughly research not only your destination but also the route. You should also try to know at which places during trekking you can stop and rest for a while. Also, how big is your track rail and how long will it take you to complete? Tracking in summer will be much easier when you gather all the necessary information in advance.

Don't go tracking alone
Those who are new to trekking are advised not to do trekking alone, but always be with the group. Trekking in a new and unfamiliar place can be dangerous. If you are going on a popular trek where there are a lot of people on the way, then, of course, you can go alone, but if it is not so popular trek and there will not be many people on the way, then you can go with a guide. Track or take your friends with you.