Today we will tell you about the tombs of Delhi which are still far away from the sight of tourists. So let's know which are these tombs.

There are many historical buildings and tombs in Delhi. But most of us know only about Humayun and Safdarjung Tombs. However, apart from these two, there are many other historical tombs in Delhi. Every tomb is very special and its architecture is also worth seeing. Now whenever you go to visit, then definitely include these tombs in your list.

Adham Khan's Tomb

Adham Khan's tomb is located in Mehrauli. This tomb was built in 1562. The structure of this tomb is worth seeing. Let us tell that Adham Khan was the commander of the Mughal emperor Akbar, who killed Ataga Khan, the second commander of the Mughal emperor. But Emperor Akbar had laid the foundation of this tomb in the name of Adham Khan and the mother of Adham Khan lived in this tomb. But about 40 days after the death of her son, she too had died. You must visit this tomb once. You can also get a photoshoot done here.

Afsarwala Tomb

This tomb is also located in Humayun Complex. The tomb of an unknown person is present in this tomb. Let us inform that it has been said by the Archaeological Survey of India that the name "Afsarwala Tomb" is derived from the Persian word Afsar, which is derived from the English word officer, due to which this tomb would have been named Afsarwala Tomb.

Another theory is that the name refers to a Persian tribal officer who served in the Mughal court and who helped Humayun in his return and capture of India. There are many tombs inside this tomb, out of which the number 974 is written on one of the tombs. For which it is said that this number 974 AH indicates the Islamic calendar, which suggests that this tomb may have been built between 1566 and 1567.

Isa Khan

The tomb of Isa Khan is very famous because of the Sunken Garden. This tomb is located in Humayun Tomb Complex, Delhi. It is said that between 1562 and 1571 this tomb was built. This tomb belongs to Isa Khan, an Afghan man in the court of Sher Shah Suri. This tomb is surrounded by an octagonal-shaped garden. Because only a few people know about this tomb, the crowd of people here is also very less. You can spend your weekend here and see this magnificent tomb.

Blue dome

This too is a mausoleum located within the Humayun Complex. However, it is not yet clear about the person who is buried in this tomb as to who he is. But many believe that it is the tomb of a servant of a Mughal noble, who was buried during the reign of Jahangir.

On the other hand, some people say that this tomb was built even before Humayun's tomb, and then shining tiles were seen on this tomb, whose glow has now faded and more than half have been destroyed. Also, it is called a blue dome because the color of this dome is blue. This tomb is very beautiful to see and greenery is present around it.

Bu Halima Tomb

Bu Halima Tomb is also located in Delhi. Very few of us know about this tomb. Like other tombs, this tomb is also very beautiful to see. Green grass and garden are present around this tomb.

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