Who does not like thick, shiny, and strong hair, this summer season can badly affect the hair as well as the skin. The hair becomes lifeless due to the hot sun. In this case, extra care is required. Hair also becomes lifeless due to sunlight, pollution, dirt, and wrong eating habits. Here we will tell you how you can keep your hair healthy in this scorching summer.

How to take care of hair in summer
1. Cover the hair-

In the summer season, your hair can be damaged by the strong sunlight. In such a situation, you must cover your hair with a stole, cap, or umbrella. This will keep your hair safe.

2. Trimming of hair is necessary-
To keep the hair healthy, it is necessary to trim it regularly. This will not cause the problem of split ends and the hair will look alive. That's why hair trimming must be done once a month.

3. Apply oil before washing hair-
Before washing lifeless hair, do champi with coconut or any other oil. Wash hair only after at least one hour after massaging with oil. If your hair is very dry, do an oil massage the night before and shampoo the next day. This will give good moisture to your hair.

4. Use good shampoo and conditioner-
Summer or not, everyone should invest in a good shampoo and conditioner for good hair health. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain chemicals and is made from natural ingredients. This will reduce dryness in your hair and keep your hair hydrated.