Strong bones are very important for our body. These are one of the most important parts of our body. Strong bones help in keeping our body stable so that we can perform our daily activities with ease. Furthermore, strong bones form the basis of our body structure. If our bones are weak, they can break easily or cause pain. Therefore, strong bones structure the body in a better way and provide more protection to the body.

However, many times due to bad eating habits, our bones start getting weak, due to which our body poster gets spoiled. Calcium is needed to make bones strong and it is found in many types of food. Today we will tell you about a special type of seed, in which calcium is found in abundance. These are called poppy seeds. Apart from calcium, it contains many nutrients including protein, iron, magnesium, fiber, zinc, copper, selenium, and vitamin E. Let us tell you that these seeds are obtained from the poppy plant, which has to go through many processes to make them edible. Consuming them in the right quantity gives many benefits. Let us know what are the benefits of eating them.

Beneficial for digestion
Poppy seeds contain fiber which is important for a good digestion process.

Source of energy
Poppy seeds contain carbohydrate which is a good source of energy for the body.

Help you sleep better
Poppy seeds contain an amino acid called theonine which helps in sleep while sleeping.

Beneficial for heart
Poppy seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid which is beneficial for the heart.

Poppy seeds contain a special element called phytochemical which helps in fighting cancer.