Wherever it comes to contraception, there is mostly the name of a condom. Condoms are used around the world to prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect against STIs. Doctors also say that condom is the best contraceptive option. This fact is also true to some extent, but do you know that condoms also have some side effects? Yes, it is not completely successful, this fact is probably well known, but apart from this there are some things which do not make condoms the best.

Lap surgeon and gynecologist Dr Garima Srivastava MD (COGMR (UK)) has shared information related to this on Instagram. He has told me how correct is the use of condoms and what are the side effects associated with it.

Three side effects of using a condom

Although condoms can get a 97% success rate, research believes that their success rate is even less. This is because many people are not able to use it properly. In such a situation, the work of a condom is not done. If we talk about its side effects then they would be...

1. Latex allergy

You may not be aware of it, but many people are allergic to latex. Latex is the substance from which condoms are made all over the world. This allergy is quite common and gynecologists keep coming across such cases every day. However, there are now condoms made of other materials for latex allergy sufferers, such as polyurethane condoms or lamb skin condoms, but these are more expensive and, like regular condoms, are not easily found.

2. Decreased sexual pleasure

Sexual sensitivity is felt less with the use of condoms. However, this is not a scientific fact. Still, many people complain about it. Couples who use condoms along with other contraceptive methods may find condoms a bit of a hassle. Some couples complain that latex condoms can reduce sexual pleasure.

3. Oil cannot be used with the best lubricants

This would probably be called the biggest drawback of condoms. Oily best lubricants such as Vaseline, oils, some types of gels, etc. cannot be used with condoms. In many cases, women feel a lack of natural lubrication. In such a situation, if oil best lubricants are used, then it can create friction. This can cause the condom to slip. Also, the presence of oil can tear the condom. In such a situation, sometimes problems can arise for women.

There is always the problem of high friction with condoms. They can burst if there is too much friction during intercourse. If there is such a problem, it would be better to ask the doctor about contraceptive methods.


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