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We all know very well that washing your face is a very simple task. In the summer season, it is necessary to wash the face to clean the dust and dirt particles from the face, washing the face seems like a simple trick but during this time most people make such mistakes due to which the skin gets damaged. It is seen that some people include good cleansers in their skincare routine but do not know the correct way to use them, due to which they do not get many benefits. If you have a habit of washing your face in the morning and evening, then you need to change your lifestyle. According to skin experts, if you are outside, many pollutants accumulate on the face. To remove them, you have to wash it thrice. The face must be washed. Let us tell you through this article about the mistakes that most people make while washing their face. Let us know -

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* Use of hot water:

While washing the face, it is seen that people often make the biggest mistake by using hot water because hot water strips the skin of its natural oil. Due to this, your skin can become dry and irritated. Instead of using hot water to wash your face, always use lukewarm water.

* Use of wet wipes:

Let us tell you that wet wipes contain many types of chemicals. Using them in the hot summer sun can cause irritation on the face. Wet wipes certainly clean your face for some time. But do not clean the skin completely. Skin experts say that using wet wipes can block your skin pores and cause breakouts.

Photo Credit: Jagran

* Using the wrong cleanser:

Skin experts say that using the wrong product or cleanser also harms our skin, due to which redness and irritation or pimples and vision problems may occur in the skin. Instead, you should use only the product that suits your skin.

* Using dirty towels:

It is often seen that people use dirty towels while washing their face, but do you know that due to this, bacteria are transferred from the towel? Because of this you may have skin-related problems, hence always wipe your face with a clean towel.