It often happens many times that after bringing a very beautiful plant from the nursery, when you plant it in a pot, even after a long time it does not produce flowers or fruits (Best Gardening Tips). On the other hand, when we choose the same plant from the nursery, it remains full of flowers or fruits. In such a situation, a question arises in the mind what happens to the plants after bringing them into the house or what do the gardeners put in the plants so that their (Rose Plant Growing Tips) quality is so good in the nursery? In such a situation, today we are going to talk to you about some such gardening secrets, which will work in any season (Plants Not Producing Flowers).

Follow this recipe for rose mogra or other fruit-bearing plants
First of all, let us tell you such a recipe by which both fruits and flowers will be able to grow very well in your plants. For this, mustard oil cake is most important, two types of mustard oil cake are available in the market, the first is yellow mustard oil and the second is black mustard oil cake. Apart from this, you have to take pure manure. The kind of compost you will make from this will be quite economical.

What to do?
For this, mix 250 grams of mustard seed cake in 10 litres of water and now pour desi matha (fresh buttermilk without salt) in the manure water and use only about half a litre. After this keep that utensil covered for three days. In such a situation, you just have to mix the manure every day.

How to use it?
Add half a mug of liquid manure and mix half a jug of water in it. After this, dig a little of the frozen soil of the plant and remove the grass and leaves by digging the soil only from the upper part. After this, add this fertilizer to the plants.

Use about half a litre of diluted manure in one plant. Once this compost is made, do not add any kind of fertilizer to the plant for at least 20 days.

Add fertilizer to fruit plants in this way
Fruit plants require more nutrients. That's why overripe cow dung manure should be used for fruit-bearing plants. You can also put compost in it.

What to do?
For this, before applying manure, do a little hoeing of the soil on the upper surface of the plant. After this, make a fine powder of cow dung. For this, you can use compost made at home or you can add compost containing high nutrients from the market.

After adding manure, add a handful of bonemeal to it.
After this add some soil from the garden on top. This will have many benefits there will be no insects in your plant and the plant will grow more fruits than leaves and it will remain healthy.

How to plant a plant brought from a nursery
For this, while planting the plant in a new pot, keep in mind that if any branch is coming from the bottom, then remove it. Because the branch coming down from the root takes complete nutrition of the plant and in such cases, the plant does not get enough nutrition.

Apart from this, if you are bringing a new plant, then try to plant it in a big pot. If plants like roses are planted in pots of 12 to 18 inches, then their water cycle remains correct and they do not die quickly.

Do not add water every day in the beginning. Because due to this the roots of the plant remain weak and because of this, if water is poured daily with a sharp edge, then the plant will die.