Many times it happens that even after lakhs of effort, a person is not able to do anything special in his career. Even after unwavering hard work, that growth does not come in the career which is expected or which can be called according to hard work.

In such a situation, many remedies have been told in astrology, but the most simple and effective remedy is the remedy of salt. It is considered necessary for the Sun to be strong to move forward in the career.

In such a situation, based on the information given by our astrologer expert DrRadhakant Vats, if you sprinkle 2 pinches of salt daily at this particular place of the house, it will not only strengthen the sun but also accelerate your career.

  • Salt has a very important place in astrology. Salt is seen as a surefire remedy that is sure to bring benefits. At the same time, the reason behind the importance of salt is its relation with the main planet.
  • Every spice found in the Indian kitchen is related to one or the other planet. In this episode, salt is believed to be related to the planet Sun. The planet Sun is considered the lord of the planets and the factor of a good career.

  • According to astrology, any experiment done with salt works to strengthen the Sun, as a result of which a person gets a chance to perform well in his career and also his growth.
  • In such a situation, a solution is considered most important to give tremendous growth to a career in astrology. The solution is that all the drains inside or outside the house should be sprinkled with 2 pinches of salt at the end of the day.
  • Drains are considered to be the source of negativity and salt is considered to be the antidote to negative energy. In such a situation, if only 2 pinches of salt are sprinkled on all the drains of the house daily, then it accelerates the career.

  • Chances of getting a promotion in the job increase. The personality of the person comes out in front and the intensity of his intelligence also starts to flourish. The ability to take decisions and move forward in a person is communicated.
  • Keep in mind that any remedy related to salt should never be done in front of anyone. This destroys the effect of the remedy and instead of being auspicious, inauspicious results start coming.

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