During the festive season, our food habits, our lifestyle, everything gets spoiled. We say sweets, kachori and spicy food very loudly. It has a direct impact on our digestion. It becomes a problem for people whose digestion is not proper. Problems like gas, indigestion and constipation start increasing. If you are also facing such a problem then you can get relief with the help of these tips.

Stay hydrated

During festivals, the consumption of oily food, cold drinks, sweets etc. often leads to dehydration in the body. Due to dehydration, there is difficulty in passing stool, in such a situation you must drink an adequate amount of water. Give preference to liquids over solid food.

Say no to caffeine

If you are addicted to tea or coffee, then control it a bit, because consuming too much caffeine can dehydrate the body and also increase the problem of constipation. The less tea or coffee you consume, the better it will be for your digestive health.

Probiotic intake

Be sure to consume probiotics like curd and buttermilk in your diet. This will maintain good bacteria balance in the stomach and relieve the problem of constipation.

Fibre-rich food

Consume fibre-rich food, like eat foods like apples, oranges, papaya, carrot, oats, and gram in your diet. Consuming high-fiber foods increases the frequency of bowel movements.

Eat only food with less oil and spices for a few days. Whatever you eat, chew it thoroughly, this also strengthens the digestive power and removes the problem of constipation.

Image Credit- Freepik