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Personality is judged by the way you sit, talk, and even walk for career, success, and personal growth. There was a time when people used to define the personality of others by the clothes they wore on their heads. Now people notice many small things in personality.

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People who have the habit of shouting and talking create negative things in their minds. Speaking slowly and politely is a sign of good manners. If you want to develop your personality more then you have to keep the way of speaking right.

The way you eat comes under the category of table manners. Skipping meals and talking while eating is a sign of a bad personality. If you want to develop a good personality then try to change this habit immediately.

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Most people in India make noise while walking by wearing sandals or shoes. This is a habit that people do not pay attention to. They don't even think that it is a bad habit. During personality development, it is kept in the category of bad habits. Always walk with your feet elevated.