Father holds an important place in the life of all of us. Even though we cannot live for a moment without a mother, but life seems incomplete without a father. Fathers sacrifice their whole life for their children and do not ask for anything in return. Their whole life is spent fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of their children. In this way, it becomes the responsibility of the children too that they make their father feel special and tell him that their children can also do something for them.

What better chance than 'Father's Day to make your father feel special. Father's Day will be celebrated all over the world on 19th June i.e. Sunday. You can also celebrate this day with your family but do not forget to take a gift for your father. Here we are telling you some such gifts, which a son can give to his father.

coffee mug
Everyone has their own personal mug in which they drink tea or coffee. Such hobbies of the father get lost somewhere in the circle of fulfilling the demands of the children. You can gift your dad a mug with a quote written on daddy on this Father's Day.

If you are planning to go on a trip somewhere on Father's Day, then definitely buy a T-shirt for your father. You can also buy this T-shirt in his favorite color or you can buy a T-shirt which has a cute coat written for Papa.

Have you ever noticed that in fulfilling your needs, your father never paid attention to his needs? He kept on wearing the same slippers for years. This Father's Day, you can gift your father with new footwear.

If your father goes to the office, he will need a diary and a pen. You can gift a diary and pen to your dad on Father's Day. You can also get your father's name written on the diary and PAN.

Everyone has one thing driving scooter, car, or bike. You can gift your father a keychain for a car key. Papa will put his key in it. Whenever they drive, they will remember your gift. This way you will be able to make them feel your presence at all times.