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Olive oil is not only healthy but also very suitable for massaging babies. Today most people cook with olive oil. So you need to know do they cook with real or fake olive oil. Know how to test genuine olive oil-

You can also use this trick to find out the purity of olive oil. First of all, take some olive oil and apply it to your tongue. This test will tell whether it is real or fake. Real olive oil has a bitter taste.

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You can tell whether the oil is real or fake by smelling it. There is another way by which you can easily identify the real and fake. To do this, first pour oil into a small cup and cover it with your hands. Rub the glass with the other hand and smell it when it is slightly warm. If the oil doesn't have a vegetable, fruity, or sour smell, it's fake. Fake oil does not smell.

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Pure olive oil contains monounsaturated fat. Which becomes thick after being in the fridge. To test this, take a jar and put a tablespoon of butter in it. Leave it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. If the oil has solidified, it is not pure olive oil.