With the changing seasons, one or the other effect is visible on the body. Especially now, when the change of seasons has become so sudden and unpredictable, its effects on the body and mind are beginning to fall in the same way. For example, the delay in the onset of monsoon and the increase in heat due to it is causing many health-related problems. Similarly, the beginning of every season also brings some common problems. Such as skin infections and boils during the rainy season. Most of these seasonal problems are also cured with normal treatment, but sometimes they can also take serious form if not taken care of. In such a situation, it is important that before the season starts, you are ready for extra care of the skin. For this you do not even need to take too much trouble, with a few measures, you can give a glowing, trouble-free, and healthy look to the skin. Just keep a few things in mind. Many factors attack the skin before and during the monsoon season. These include moisture present in the air, particles of dust and pollution, bacteria and viruses that grow during rains, etc. Due to these, the color of the skin may become lighter, there may also be spots, pimples, tanning, etc. The effect of the strong sunlight coming out in the middle of the rain also falls on the skin. To prevent them, you can include some things in your routine-

Give special care to the skin

It is necessary to use sunscreen even in this season. Use a water-based sunscreen if the skin is more sticky and moist, especially when you are out of the house.

After getting wet in the rain, wash the entire skin with good water. Just like you do after swimming. Like the chlorine and other chemicals present in swimming pools, rainwater can also contain many things that can harm your skin.

After coming home from outside and before sleeping at night, do not forget to wash your face, neck and hands, and feet thoroughly. In monsoon, along with moisture, many harmful germs and bacteria start making the skin their home. This can cause many problems. It is possible to avoid this difficulty by washing the skin with clean water.

Try to maintain your water intake i.e. drinking water habits like summer. Often, when it rains, the thirst subsides and we, who drink plenty of water in the summer, start drinking less water. Te proves to be wrong for conducting the inner workings of the body. Due to this the process of removing toxins from the body, the process of getting moisture to the body, etc. can be disrupted. So keep drinking enough water. This will contribute to keeping the skin moist and glowing.

Make heels soft

You must have noticed that in the rain the heels of the feet become soft and clean. This is mainly due to moisture. In this situation, by keeping the feet clean regularly and by applying lotion, etc., you can save them from getting dry and cracking the ankles even in winter.

Even if there is moisture in the environment, do not forget to use moisturizer to give extra nourishment to the skin. If the skin is more sticky then use oil-free lotion.

Keep on removing the dead cells of the skin by scrubbing them regularly.

Vitamin C is essential not only for immunity but also for keeping the skin glowing and healthy. For this, you can use vitamin C-rich serums, creams, and lotions on the skin along with consuming foods containing vitamin C. It removes blemishes and enhances the glow of the face.