New features are now going to be available in Microsoft Excel, due to which users will get more convenience in working. Know which features that are going to bring changes in the way you work now.

Microsoft has rolled out several new features for its popular software Microsoft Excel. These new features will be available for both Windows and Mac users along with the web.

New features for web users include Suggested links, Image functions, Formula by Example, and more.

According to a blog post by Microsoft, the Formula Suggestions and Formula by Example features are being rolled out to web users. Suggested links, an image function, and a new search bar in the Query pane are being introduced.

Along with this, the image function and a new keyboard shortcut are also being introduced for Windows users. While mac users will only get the image function tool in Excel. The search bar feature will help Excel search for web users and find their queries in the Query search pane.

The Suggested Links: The Suggested Links feature will detect broken external links in Cloud Workbooks and suggest a new location for users to fix them. This feature is currently available for production.

The formula Suggestions: The formula Suggestions feature will automatically suggest the best formula based on users' data. To access this feature, users need to type '=' in the cell or formula bar. Currently, Excel can suggest SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, and COUNTA formulas and it supports only the English language.

Tabs will now be available in a Notepad app

In addition, Microsoft is reportedly working on a tabs feature for its Notepad app on Windows 11. According to the report, the testing of this feature is going on and the company can introduce the feature in early 2023. Through a report, it has been learned that a Microsoft employee had mistakenly shared a screenshot through his Twitter account.

It is believed that this information has been leaked from here that the company is planning to bring tabs to its Notepad app. In this screenshot, the Notepad app has two tabs open with the message. However, now this screenshot has been removed from the Twitter account.