Sonam Kapoor Inspired Eye Makeup Tips: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor remains in the limelight for her fashionable clothes and stylish look. Sonam Kapoor often shares her attractive and super amazing makeup tips with her fans through social media. So today we have brought some amazing eye makeup tips inspired by Sonam Kapoor. To complete any makeup look, it is necessary to do good eye makeup, by following the right makeup tips, it is very easy to make the eyes look big and attractive. If you want to look beautiful like Sonam Kapoor, then you can follow some easy makeup hacks of Sonam Kapoor. Let's know

Sonam Kapoor-inspired eye makeup tips
Correctly conceal the eyes

Before starting all types of eye makeup like bold and light, it is very important to conceal the eyes properly. You have to use concealer according to your skin tone, foundation can also be added to the concealer to give it a natural look. Using concealer lightens dark circles and spots and provides a smooth base for eye makeup.

Use loose powder after concealer
Make sure to use banana powder or loose powder after applying concealer around the eyes. By using loose powder, the concealer does not become cakey for a long time and looks smooth. Sonam Kapoor recommends using loose powder to lock the base makeup for a long time. That's why do not forget to use loose powder while doing eye makeup.

Eyeliner and Eyeshadow:
After completing the base makeup of the eyes, it is time to choose the right eye makeup, for which you can choose light or bold eyeshadow makeup as per your choice. Don't forget to apply eyeliner, curl eyelashes and apply mascara to make your eyes look bigger and more attractive.