Life Hacks Tips: Whenever you keep earphones in your pocket, they get tangled with each other. Have you ever wondered why this happens? If you do not think then it does not matter, we will explain to you the science behind it.

Life Hacks for Students: Hope you are reading this news on mobile. It doesn't matter even if you're watching on a laptop. If you have a smart device then you must also keep earphones and there is a common problem with all the earphone holders and that is that if the earphones are kept in the pocket or bag, then their wires get entangled with each other, then it becomes worse in solving the earphones. Is. Till now you would think that it is your fault for getting the earphones tangled but it is not so. Whenever the wires of an earphone get tangled, this science works behind it and this science is known as 'Not Theory'.

Connection of earphone wires to not theory

Two researchers from the University of California have done interesting research about the confusion in the wires of the earphones and explained the reason behind it. In the year 2012, both researchers studied knot theory, in which they found that science works behind the entanglements of these stars. For this, he did a fun experiment with many wires of different lengths and found that it takes only 10 seconds for the wires to get tangled. This theory is also known as the knot theory.

What was the researcher's experiment?

To study knot theory, the researcher took wires of different lengths and started rotating them by putting them in a box. The researcher found that after turning the box 5-10 times, the earphones got entangled with you within 10 seconds. The length and thickness of the stars also make a difference in this process of entanglement of stars. The longer and softer the strings, the higher the chances of knotting them.