In Vastu Shastra, many such things have been emphasized that help a person to get success in life and by adopting these rules and things, the person gets the benefit of physical and mental health as well and along with these rules By following this, positive energy is transmitted in a person's life. According to Vastu Shastra, it has been said that if you keep these things on your pillow while sleeping at night, then the good fortune of the person starts increasing. Let's know about these things -

* According to Vastu Shastra, it has been told that if you or your children suddenly shine in your dream while sleeping or if you suddenly get scared while sleeping, then you can keep a knife or scissors or any iron thing under your pillow like this. By doing this you get rid of this problem.

* According to Vastu Shastra, it has been told that before going to sleep on Sunday, keep a glass of milk on the pillow and after waking up in the morning, after retiring from daily rituals, offer this milk to an acacia tree, by adopting this remedy regularly till Sunday, one gets rid of the problem related to money.

* According to Vastu and Astrology, garlic is also considered a symbol of good luck. If you sleep by keeping garlic buds under your pillow, then by doing this positive energy circulates around you and you also get good sleep and so much more. Not only this, but you can also keep garlic buds in your pocket and sleep.

* It has been told in Vastu Shastra that if a person has a problem of not sleeping at night or if he has trouble sleeping due to bad dreams, then you can sleep by keeping green cardamom under your pillow. Doing this helps a person to get deep sleep.