Every day crores of passengers travel in the Indian Railways in the country. Passengers should not face any kind of problems while traveling. Given this, Indian Railways is operating many trains across the country. These trains serve to connect the marginal areas of the country with the big metros. For this reason, Indian Railways is also called the lifeline of the country. It is necessary to take a ticket to travel on Indian trains. It is often seen that passengers book their train tickets before traveling. Whereas when the time comes for the journey, the travel planning changes and they have to plan to travel on some other day. In such a situation, many times passengers cancel their train tickets due to a lack of information. Whereas today we are going to tell you about a wonderful rule of Indian Railways, where you can change the date of your journey without canceling the train ticket.

You can change the date of the journey on your confirmed ticket as per the rule book of Indian Railways. To change the date of your journey, you have to surrender your ticket at the reservation counter about 48 hours before the departure of the train.

After this, you have to apply for the new date there itself. Here you also get the option to upgrade the class. After giving the application, your date and class will be changed.

Keep in mind that no charge will be taken for changing the date. On the other hand, on changing the class, you will have to pay the fare according to that class.

By adopting this easy method, you can easily change the date if you change your travel plan. This process is quite easy. In this, you will not have to face any kind of problems.

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