In every house where there are children, there is concern about the health of the children. Sometimes people at home worry a lot about the food and drink of their children and sometimes about whether their children fall sick. Generally, children fall ill quickly, due to which doctors also consider their weak immunity as a reason. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to strengthen the immunity of children, for which you can include some things in their diet. In such a situation, children can benefit from these things. Let us know what are these things which can be fed to children to strengthen their immunity. You can learn about this further...

Children can be made to consume these things:-
Can give curd

Apart from good bacteria, protein, calcium, lactose, iron, and phosphorus are found in curd and all these things work to strengthen the immune system. In such a situation, if children are made to consume curd daily, they can get benefits from it.

Can feed honey
To strengthen the immunity of children, you can make them consume raw honey. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are found in abundance in raw honey which can help in strengthening the immunity of children.

You can consume citrus fruits
A good amount of Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits which helps in strengthening immunity. You can feed fruits like seasonal, lemon, orange, and kiwi to your children.

Can feed eggs
If your child eats eggs, then you can feed him this because it contains rich amounts of vitamins, Omega-3, and protein. You can strengthen the immunity of children by feeding them eggs.