Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones: The problem of kidney stones is fast engulfing the youth. It is called kidney stones in Hindi. When dissolved minerals get accumulated in the kidney and cannot get out of the body, then a stone is formed. In the beginning, people do not see its symptoms and when the size of the stone increases, then a painful condition arises. If a kidney stone is not treated properly, they can also lead to urinary problems, urine infection, and kidney damage. Don't be careless about it at all.

Now the question arises which kidney stone can be formed? According to Medical News Today, there can be many reasons for kidney stones. The biggest reason for this can be considered wrong lifestyle and spoiled food habits. Even eating too much salt can cause this problem. Kidney stones can also occur due to medical history, excessive weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high uric acid. Today we will tell you that by adopting which methods you can stay away from the problem of kidney stones throughout your life.

These are the easiest ways to save from kidney stones
Eat less salt- According to the report of Harvard Health, the problem of kidney stone can be triggered by eating an excessive amount of salt. Eating more salt will increase the amount of calcium in your urine, which also increases the risk of stones. People should not eat more than 2300 mg of salt in a day. Those who are struggling with kidney stones, should eat only 1500 mg of salt daily. This will give you a lot of relief.

Drink plenty of water- People should drink a sufficient amount of water every day to avoid kidney stones. Drinking water flushes out extra minerals accumulated in the kidney and reduces the risk of kidney stones. Even if you add lemon or some sour juice to the water, you can prevent the formation of kidney stones. You must drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day.

Eat calcium-rich foods- By consuming calcium-rich foods, you can avoid the problem of kidney stones. Calcium is found in large quantities in milk, curd, paneer, soyabean, almonds, and green leafy vegetables. Consuming such foods will reduce the chances of calcium accumulation in your urine and reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Avoid chicken and egg- Excessive consumption of redmeat, chicken, egg and seafood can increase the amount of uric acid and also increases the risk of kidney stone. To avoid this, high protein foods should be avoided. Distance should be made from non-veg and healthy food should be consumed.

Make it a habit to eat less chocolate- You will be surprised to know that eating more chocolate, tea and walnuts also increases the risk of kidney stones. In such a situation, you should keep your distance from these things and eat healthy things. If you take care of these things, then you can avoid the problem of kidney stone.