Coconut water is considered the best to stay hydrated in summer because apart from giving energy, it is also beneficial for the skin. It is said that coconut water can make up for the lack of water in the body to a great extent. Do you know that you can make a superfood by mixing healthy cheese in it? We can talk about drinking coconut water mixed with lemon juice.

A person named Arun Dev has shared the combination of lemon juice and coconut on Twitter. And this combination of these superfoods is becoming very popular. However, being surprised, many people have commented on this method. Experts say that coconut water is the best in keeping the body cool from the inside in summer and if it is mixed with lemon juice, double the benefits can be found. Experts say that even athletes can try this method.

Dr Jugal Kishore of Delhi says that both lemon and coconut water has health benefits. Coconut water contains potassium and electrolytes and due to this, it prevents dehydration. On the other hand, lemon juice contains vitamin C and which is necessary for both skin and digestion. To stay hydrated in summer, you should drink coconut water with lemon during the day.

However, it is believed that those with hypertension or kidney problems should avoid trying this combination. Despite this, if they want to try this recipe, then they must consult a doctor or specialist.