Festivals are about to begin. In such a situation, Ganesh Chaturthi is about to come and on this occasion, we worship Lord Shri Ganesha in our homes. However, this festival is celebrated mostly in Maharashtra.

The traditional look is especially styled on this occasion. So, today we are going to tell you some styling tips which you should follow especially to get the Maharashtrian look so that you can style your look perfectly and look the most stylish.

What kind of saree to choose for a Maharashtrian look?

The saree is worn for the Maharashtrian look, but it is completely different from the normal saree. It is called Nauvari saree. It is 9 meters long, whereas the normal saree is only 6 meters long. For the colour of the saree, you can style the Nauvari saree in bright colours like red, green, and yellow.

How to style hair with a Maharashtrian look?

With this type of look, you can choose many types of bun hairstyles for your hair. To decorate the hair, you can use red rose flowers and if you wish, a layer of fresh gajra to give an attractive looks to the hair.

How to choose a bindi for a Maharashtrian look?

The role of bindi is important to make the traditional look special. Although you will get bindis in many sizes, shapes and colours, if we talk about making the Maharashtrian look special, then you can decorate the bindi with a moon design on the forehead and make your look special. In this, you should choose only a maroon-coloured bindi.

What kind of jewellery to wear with a Maharashtrian look?

To make the Maharashtrian look special, a big nose ring is worn. Mostly this nose ring is made with the help of white beads and green or maroon colored stones. You can style a multi-layer neckpiece around the neck.