The eighth round of negotiations between the peasant organizations and the government ended again without any result. The atmosphere was not normal during the barely two-hour talks, which led to the adjournment. However, a date for 15 January has been agreed for further talks. Leaders of farmer organizations neither agreed to discuss the government's proposal nor could offer any other option. The government has called for the formation of an expert committee on all these issues, which was rejected by the farmer leaders.
He was adamant on repealing agricultural laws and enacting a law guaranteeing minimum support price (MSP). The government says that farmers will be renegotiated on January 15. Explain that in the meeting, a farmer leader made a note and wrote, "Will die or win". Efforts were made today to remove the deadlock between the government and the farmers, but this could not happen.
The government has told the farmers that these laws are for the whole country. Not just for Punjab and Haryana. On this, the farmers said that even if the farmers of other states want this law, then they can bring this law through the assembly. According to sources, in a meeting with the government, a farmer said that our return home is possible only when the government withdraws this law. Farmers say that farming is purely a matter of the state government, so the Center should not interfere in this matter. The farmers said that it seems that the government does not want a solution to this issue, so is only talking for so many days. Does not want to solve If you have to do the same, do not waste all our time. Let us be told directly. A member of the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee said that the government has told the farmers that it cannot take back this law.