The states in the northeastern region of India are known as the Seven Sisters. Nagaland is one of them. Nagaland is a great option for tourists seeking peace and beauty. Nagaland is also known by its nickname "Land of Festivals". Nagaland is one of the three states in India where followers of Christianity form the majority of the population. Travel to Nagaland is not only preferred by nature lovers but the culture, food, costumes, and living here also attract everyone. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about the major places of Nagaland which present the best view of natural beauty. Let's know about them...

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is also famous for its natural beauty. Kohima is also known as Kevira. Kohima is surrounded by hills and this place is very special for nature lovers. This place is situated at an altitude of more than 1500 meters above sea level. You can spend a memorable holiday here with your family. If you like trekking then this place is going to be even more beautiful for you. Kohima Museum, Kohima War Cemetery, and other places can be visited here.

Mokokchung tourist place is one of the most important attractions of Dimapur and Kohima in Nagaland State. The most popular tourist destination in the area is The Town Main Park. Tourists visiting Mokokchung also get an opportunity to visit attractive places within the district such as Longkhum, Langpangkang, Mopungchukit, and Chuchuimlang. Agriculture is the main occupation of Mokokchung.

Zhukou Valley
Situated at an altitude of 2462 meters above sea level, Dzukou Valley is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Nagaland. Surrounded by a lush green valley, this place is located on the border of the states of Nagaland and Manipur. Usually, it is visited by many tourists. The place offers a wide range of adventure activities which include trekking and camping.

Konyak is believed to be the abode of serpents and has a unique and spectacular charm of tattooed faces wearing feathered lungis. Mon tourist places are rare areas with steep slopes of foothills district. Mon tourist places may not be in the circle of attractive tourist places but it has their importance in terms of tourism.

Tuofema Village
Enjoy the heritage and traditional feel in this cultural Naga village. Filled with everything including local cuisine and local rice beer, this place is perfect for the culture connoisseur. It is one of the best and most unique places to visit in Nagaland which gives an old-world feel along with the beautiful view of hills in the background. To enjoy the best of local life, staying here in shacks is also a great experience to enjoy.

Dimapur, one of the major tourist destinations of Nagaland, is the largest and fastest-growing city of Nagaland. This city is directly connected by air flight, due to which the number of tourists coming here is very high. Some of the major attractions of Dimapur include Triple Falls, Kachari Ruins, Nagaland Science Center and Zoological Park, etc. The eastern part of Dimapur city is deep in the Dhansiri river which presents amazing attractions.

Even today, many places in Nagaland have not been fully explored by tourists. One such place is Benreau located in the Peren district. If you are fond of visiting new places and are also a little adventurous, then you can come here and see the Naga culture and their simple life. This place is 1950 meters above sea level.

Khonoma Green Village
This village is full of clean, peaceful environment and pollution free environment. The Angami tribe lives in the village in huts made of natural and recycled resources. It is a tribe that earns its living through agriculture, handloom, and weaving. This village is a living example of what a community can create through joint efforts.

Juku Valley
Juku Valley, located amidst the beautiful scenery of Nagaland, is an attractive tourist destination located at a distance of about 25 kilometers from Kohima. Nagaland is known as the Switzerland of the East and the beauty and charm of Juku Valley and Japfu Peak have played a huge role. This attractive valley fills the journey of tourists who are fond of trekking. The height of Japfu peak is 3048 meters which is the second-highest peak in Nagaland.

This small town situated at an altitude of 2,133 above sea level is one of the oldest cities in Nagaland. Pfutsero has lakes that freeze during winter and add a true Christmas spirit among the Christian locals. Cherry blossoms can also be seen in this historic town during the months of March-April when the Chaeksang family celebrates the Sukeni festival.