India is a vast country where the railway network is very vast, which is connected by several thousand railway stations. Lakhs of railway passengers travel through these stations. Some railway stations in the country are known for their grandeur and some for their passenger load. But today in this episode, the railway stations we are going to tell you about are known for their haunted atmosphere. Today we are going to tell you about some such scary and haunted railway stations where paranormal activities can be felt. Many railway stations have been declared haunted. Although science does not accept these things, there are many fears about them in the minds of the people. Come let's know about these scary railway stations...

Barog Railway Station, Himachal Pradesh
Barog railway station located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the scary stations. This station passing through the Kalka-Shimla rail route is full of natural beauty. While the view here will win your heart during the daytime, ghosts are seen here during the nighttime. It is said that the Barog tunnel was built by Colonel Barog, a British engineer. Since the engineer committed suicide while walking along the side of the tunnel, residents believe that the spirit of Colonel Barog still resides in the tunnel.

Naini Junction, Prayagraj
Many Indians were tortured by the British in the Naini Jail built near the Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh, due to which they died. The railway station of Naini has situated a short distance from this jail. Although no untoward incident happened here, still people have made strange assumptions about it. Some people believe that some spirits keep wandering around the station and crying and screaming sounds are heard here at night as if someone is being tortured.

Beguncodor Railway Station, West Bengal
The Beguncodor Railway, located in the Purulia district of West Bengal, was closed for 42 years due to ghost stories. Opened in the year 1960, people are still afraid to go to this station after dusk. Local people say that the station master here saw the shadow of a girl in the middle of the tracks one night. A few days later the station master and his family were killed. After this incident, this station was closed and then opened in the year 2009.

Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station, Kolkata
The main reason for considering this metro station haunted is that many people have committed suicide here. Now if there is such a place then it will already be declared a haunted place. This metro station of Kolkata is also known as the 'paradise of suicide'. People claim that shadows can be seen here late at night and many people have also heard screams. Now think for yourself how deserted this metro station must have become at night.

Chittoor Station, Andhra Pradesh
The residents around the Chittoor railway station in Andhra Pradesh believed that the station is haunted due to its stories. A CRPF officer named Hari Singh got down at Chittoor railway station. Where he was attacked by RPF personnel and TTE, in which he died. Since then it is believed that the soul of this officer is in search of justice.

Ludhiana Station, Punjab
Regarding a counter at Ludhiana station, people say that they have felt paranormal activities there. It is claimed that a person named Subhash used to sit at the reservation counter here. He loved work very much. For this reason, whoever went to work in that room after his death had to face many problems.

Dombivli Railway Station, Mumbai
Dombivli Railway Station, one of the most crowded stations in Mumbai, is also famous for being haunted by a spirit. There are many places to visit in Mumbai, but this train station has gained fame because it is the busiest station in Mumbai. People claim that a lady has been seen here at night waiting for her train. A story is famous here. A man was going to catch his train at night and saw a woman there who was crying. The man went to the woman and asked why she was crying, she replied that she wanted to catch the train to go home, but could not catch it. That man was getting late so he left. The next day he again saw the woman sitting at the same place but his friend could not see the woman.

Patalpani Railway Station, Madhya Pradesh
This railway station located near Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh is also considered to be haunted. It is said that the freedom fighter Tantya Mama Bhil was killed and thrown away by the British. Even today, if a train passes through here, the train is stopped near his tomb and a salute is given to him and only after that the train moves ahead. Local people tell that if the train does not stop and salute, then it crashes.

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Delhi
It is believed that the spirit of an angry woman roams around this station. At night, that soul runs after many vehicles around it and also knocks on the windows of many vehicles. It is also said that this spirit has killed a child.