Team India suffered a crushing defeat in the first ODI of the three-match series against Bangladesh, in a thrilling match, Team India lost by 1 wicket, the Indian bowler could not take the last wicket from Bangladesh and the team lost had to face. In this match, KL Rahul was in discussions in both innings. While his batting was praised in the first innings, he had to face a lot of criticism for his poor wicket-keeping in the second innings. At the same time, KL has given a big statement about this after the match.

Team management has asked me to be ready for wicketkeeping- KL Rahul

In fact, after the end of the match, KL Rahul was asked a question about Rishabh Pant, he said, 'We haven't played many ODIs in the last eight-nine months, but if you look at 2020-21, I did wicket-keeping. And I have batted at number four and five. The team has asked me to play this role. I am ready for this role in white ball cricket. At the same time, he also said that only the medical team will be able to tell about Rishabh Pant very well, I myself came to know about it a day before.

KL Rahul missed an important catch

Bangladesh needed 32 runs from 46 balls to win. Mehdi Hasan was trying to win his team by batting brilliantly. As soon as Shardul bowled, Mehidy hit it, but the ball did not hit his bat properly and flew into the air. The ball remained in the air for a long time, and KL made a call to take the catch and ran. He kept running behind the wicket, but as soon as the ball came down, KL dropped the catch.

India's poor batting

Team India's batsmen batted poorly in the match, the situation was that the team could not even play 50 overs, and India's innings got reduced to a score of 186 runs in 41.2 overs. KL Rahul scored the highest 73 runs. In response, the Bangladesh team scored the required runs in the 46th over to win by nine wickets.