Drinking and smoking are prohibited in Indian Railways. If found doing so can result in both a fine and jail.

Fines in Indian Railways: Indian Railways is called the 'lifeline' of the country. Train travel is also liked by almost every Indian, but do you know that we have to follow many rules while traveling by train? For not doing so, Indian Railways can impose fines on passengers (Fine on Violating Railway Rules).

Many times passengers are also sentenced to jail for violating the rules. If found smoking on the train or being found in a state of intoxication can also lead to a fine or punishment. Let us tell you how much punishment is there for smoking and intoxication on the train.

According to section 145 of the Railways Act 1989, if a person in a carriage of a train or on any part of a train is in a state of intoxication or causes any nuisance or uses abusive or obscene language, or willfully obstructs any service provided by the railway administration, which affects other passengers, he can be removed from the train.

Indian Railways can seize the ticket of such a person. Such a railway passenger can also be sentenced to a maximum of six months imprisonment and a fine of Rs 500.

What is the rule regarding smoking (Fine on Smoking on Train)

We all know that smoking is completely banned in the Indian Railways, but still, some people smoke on trains. According to Section 167 of the Railway Act 1989, a fine of up to Rs 100 can be imposed on a passenger found smoking in Indian Railways. Apart from this, according to section 167 of the Railway Act (Railway Act, 1989), if a railway employee is found in a state of intoxication while on duty on a train, then a fine of Rs 500 or imprisonment of 1 year or both can be imposed. Huh.