Meditation is no less than a boon for human health. Practicing meditation can be a better option for maintaining both physical and mental health. It is generally believed that meditation only relieves stress and anxiety, but research suggests that its practice can also have many types of physical health benefits.

The daily practice of meditation has been shown to help regulate your mood, promote healthy sleep patterns and improve cognitive skills.

World Meditation Day is celebrated every year on 21 May to make people aware of the benefits of meditation and motivate its practice. Meditation posture has grown in popularity in recent years due to the improved results it has shown in studies. Let us know about the health benefits of this.

Mental health benefits
Most of the discussion about meditation has been about its mental health benefits. This is known as a stress reliever exercise. A review of studies concluded that the practice of meditation postures is as beneficial as its medications for reducing stress.

Typically, stress causes increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Due to this the risk of depression and anxiety as well as increased risk of blood pressure-related problems related to fatigue and behavior also increases. Meditation reduces the risk of these problems.

Protects against age-related Alzheimer's-dementia
Improving focus and clarity of thinking can help keep your mind young. The practice of meditation is very helpful for you in this. Studies on people with age-related memory loss have shown that it is also an effective way to improve neuropsychological problems.

Apart from this, the review found that regular practice of meditation posture can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's-dementia diseases with age.

Do meditation for these reasons as well
Meditation has many health benefits, which motivate you to practice it regularly.
Ease of concentration- Meditation helps you to increase your focus on the task so that you can remain focused for a longer period.

Better sleep- Practicing meditation can improve the quality of sleep.
Many can also find benefits from meditation as an adjunct treatment for chronic pain.
Blood pressure remains in control- The risk of blood pressure problems is less in people who meditate regularly. It helps in reducing the stress on the heart and blood vessels.

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