Medical consultation is considered most important for health-related problems because the doctor suggests appropriate solutions to your problems based on your examination. In such a situation, it is important that while having a medical consultation, you give correct and clear answers to all the questions of the doctor so that based on them the doctor can suggest the right treatment for you. But many times people are not able to openly talk to the doctor about their problems due to hesitation or shyness.

Especially women feel shy in talking to gynaecologists about their problems, whereas this should not happen at all. Women generally consider sexual problems as private and feel too shy to talk about them with anyone. But you have to understand that if you do not openly tell your gynaecologist about these problems, then he will not be able to give you the right solution. Due to your hesitation, your problem may become bigger. Therefore, it would be better if you talk openly to the doctor about these problems and the questions related to them. In this article, we are telling you about what kind of questions or issues you should talk openly about.

About sexual activity

The gynaecologist's general question about sexual activity is whether you are sexually active or not. But often people feel shy after hearing this question and hesitate to answer openly. However, this question of the gynaecologist is necessary for their treatment because the problems of sexual organs are mostly related to sexual activity. In such a situation, during the examination of private parts, it becomes important for the doctor to know and understand how sexually active his patient is. Therefore, when the gynaecologist asks you such questions, keep aside your hesitation and try to give the correct answer.

About birth control

Gynaecologists often ask women about birth control and which method or medicine they are using for it. However, women do not want to talk about it openly, whereas medicines or other devices used for birth control can cause problems. Therefore, you should talk openly about this to your gynaecologist. Also, you can learn about better methods of birth control from them.

Pain during intercourse

Many women face the problem of pain while having physical relations, but they are never able to tell about it to anyone. Whereas this could be a symptom of some major sexual problem. Therefore, you must tell your gynaecologist about this and try to give clear answers to every question related to it.

Questions related to vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is normal in women, but if there is a sudden change in its colour or any kind of smell is felt along with the vaginal discharge, then it can be a sign of some kind of bacterial infection. Therefore, when the gynaecologist asks you any question about vaginal discharge, instead of being shy, give the correct answer.

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