Fruits have no answer in enhancing beauty. The more cosmetic products cannot enhance our beauty, the more these fruit peels and their juice help in enhancing the beauty of our skin. Orange not only lightens the spots but also brightens the complexion. So let's know how to enhance the beauty of your face with orange juice and peels.

1. Make a paste by mixing orange peel with curd and applying it on the face, after drying the paste, wash the face with warm water. Due to this, the coolness of the face will remain and the blackness will also go away.

2. Mixing one spoon of honey and turmeric in orange peel and applying the paste increases the fairness of the face.

3. By making a paste of orange peels and applying it on the roots of the hair, the problem of dandruff and oily skin ends.

4. Mixing honey in orange peel powder and apply it on the face for twenty minutes, wash the face, by doing this your skin will become soft and shiny.

5. Mixing dried orange peel with rose water and sandalwood powder and applying it on the face and neck removes acne and scars.