Today women are no less than anyone. She handles office and household work much better. Women should take special care of their diet. Otherwise, you may have to suffer from many types of diseases. There is a great risk of PCOD and diabetes in women. Today let us tell you which things women should include in their diet in the morning.

Women should include some things in their diet, which will keep their body away from diseases. You should consume eggs for breakfast. It is very beneficial for keeping the body strong.

You should include green vegetables and pulses in your diet daily. Eating these things provides a lot of nutrition. This diet is very beneficial for women.

Women should not eat oily things from outside at all. Due to this, your body becomes very bad. You should eat things like khichdi, and salad.

The weight of many women increases to a great extent. Only rotis made of ragi and jowar should be consumed. Protein is very beneficial for our body.

You should also consume seeds and nuts every morning. It maintains your face and fitness. It is also very helpful in enhancing memory.

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