Severe cold has now started falling across the state. In this cold season, one fruit proves to be a panacea for protection from cold and cough. Despite being sour, this fruit is very beneficial. This fruit comes first among Triphala in Mahaphal. In this report, we will also tell you about the chemicals of this fruit in Ayurveda, its benefits and methods of use. Along with this we will also tell you about its properties.

Pawan Arya, a physician at Chainpur Sthir Arogya Centre, told Local 18 that Amla is beneficial for everyone. The sages have called it Amrita and it has been given the status of mother. Amla comes first in Triphala. A blessing in itself. It is very beneficial in cold days. Many people think that it is sour, so how can they consume it in cold days. They don't know its benefits. You can consume it even in extreme cold. This fruit works like a panacea in winter. Along with this it cures many diseases. Its regular use increases lifespan. In Ayurveda, its chemical is used as Amalki chemical. Amla proves to be very effective in our health, stomach, eyes, hair, gas problems and digestive system.

Amla protects the skin from ageing.

He further said that by regular consumption of this beneficial fruit, our body gets abundant amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which increases the age and the skin does not age quickly. If the hair on the head has turned white due to its regular use, then the white hair turns black. Hair fall stops. Amla is also beneficial for the eyes. If glasses get on your eyes. So regular consumption of Amla reduces the damage to the eyes and brings shine to the eyes. Amla is wonderful for cold and cough. Using it for one to two days provides relief from severe cold and cough. With its regular use, cold and cough are cured. Regular use of Amla cures many diseases including respiratory problems, constipation, gas, liver problems, wounds in the stomach, ulcers etc. If it is used regularly, swelling of feet and hands also gets immediate relief.

Use it like this.

It can be used in any way. He told that in earlier times people used to make it in the form of chutney, amla jam, powder and amla pickle. Now many types of its items are available in the market. Many items including Amla candy, Amla juice, Amla oil, Amla murabba are available which are used by common people. In case of cold, cough and cold, mixing its powder with jaggery or honey on an empty stomach in the morning and evening helps in getting rid of cold, cough and cold. Cold gets cured quickly. Use it especially in cold season with lukewarm water. Never allow children to consume cold water. Its juice can be used regularly by mixing four spoons of Amla juice in 200 ml lukewarm water. Its jam is very effective in winter season, which you can make at home also.

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