Zareen Khan started her film career in the year 2010 with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's movie 'Veer'. By then she had achieved a lot of fitness. If you see Zareen's old photo, it will be difficult to believe. There was a time when her weight had crossed 100 kg. But when it came to making a career in Bollywood, it became necessary to lose weight. She reduced her weight by about 57 kilos, which was no less than a miracle.

How did Zareen lose weight?
When she reduced her weight to 57 kg based on hard work and strong will, she became 43 kg. Jarir had never done dieting, this was her first such experience. Zareen first started eating everything in less quantity during the weight loss process. Along with this, she also resorted to heavy exercise and yoga.

Zareen was a foodie
Zareen was very fond of food and drink, especially spicy things were on the list of her favorite things. Her mouth used to water just by seeing Chai Pakori, it is obvious that those who eat more, their weight starts putting on.

Zareen ate desi ghee
Zareen Khan reduced the consumption of things made of cooking oil, instead, she used to consume desi ghee, due to which she did not feel any kind of weakness due to eating less food because by eating this milk product, the body becomes strong internally.

You can also lose weight
The trend of eating oily and junk food is very high in India, due to which people's weight increases a lot. If you control your food a little and keep exercising, then the fat in the stomach and waist will reduce.