A large population of the world is a victim of diabetes. In India too, about 50 million people are suffering from diseases like diabetes. Due to diabetes not being balanced, the body also becomes vulnerable to many other diseases and negligence in it becomes fatal, but there are some measures to control it, through which natural methods can be used to control the blood sugar level...

In diabetes, the blood sugar level starts increasing rapidly, due to which you have trouble doing your daily routine work. Cells do not get enough energy, due to which weakness and other problems start. For this, you need to have complete control over your appetite and food intake.

Sugar can also be controlled by chewing gum
In increasing sugar, it becomes very important to control your food and drink. You can calm your hunger by chewing gum. This rule is of psychology, which can help in keeping your hunger calm. For this, use only sugar-free gum and do not use it daily.

Reduce coffee intake
Coffee without sugar can help in maintaining your blood sugar. This does not mean that you keep drinking coffee continuously. You have to reduce your coffee intake, which can help in keeping your blood sugar under control.

Do physical labor
Physical labour is very important to keep sugar under control. Laziness in the body works to increase blood sugar. Therefore, by exercising, the body can be kept healthy along with reducing cholesterol.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is essential
Blood sugar patients need to include fruits and vegetables in their diet, which helps in keeping them healthy. Blood sugar levels must be checked after eating fruits and vegetables to find out which fruits are right for them.

Use vinegar
Vinegar can prove helpful in controlling blood sugar. You can pour a spoonful of vinegar on a salad or prepared vegetables. Vinegar can prevent the rise of blood sugar by up to 40 per cent after a meal by preventing starch from being digested. These are some such measures which can prove useful in controlling blood sugar.