Water is also one of the five elements. It is believed that water not only quenches the thirst of a person, but water can also remove the troubles of a person's life. In astrology, some infallible remedies for water have been told, by trying which many problems will be solved automatically. Let us know about these measures from astrologer expert DrRadhakant Vats.

  • According to astrology, at the main door of the house, keep the water filled in a copper pot at night. The next day put that water in the tree. This removes the evil eye.

  • According to astrology, keeping an urn filled with water near Tulsi removes poverty from the house, ends the lack of money and gives monetary benefits.
  • According to astrology, a dripping tap all the time in the house brings financial difficulties. In such a situation, replacing or repairing that tap immediately leads to economic improvement.
  • According to astrology, pouring a glass of water mixed with clove, camphor and salt in the drain of the house in the evening removes the negativity of the house.

  • According to astrology, after taking a glass of water in hand and chanting Gayatri Mantra 11 times and offering that water to Tulsi, the planets become pacified.
  • According to astrology, if there is no Gangajal in the house, then sprinkling ground camphor mixed with ordinary water removes the defects of the object.
  • According to astrology, keeping water mixed with kumkum in a small urn on the east side of the temple removes the problems of marriage.
  • According to astrology, by sprinkling water on the kitchen slab before cooking, the stock of food grains in the house is always full.
  • According to astrology, doing Tilak with the water of the Ganges water daily brings success and problems get resolved.
  • According to astrology, keeping water in the conch shell kept in the temple brings progress in the house and removes obstacles.

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