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According to Vastu Shastra, it is said that salt has been used since ancient times to protect against the evil eye and financial difficulties. Salt not only infuses positive energy into the house but also eliminates the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu. But do you know that before doing any action related to salt, you should keep some things in mind? Salt not only removes the negative energy around you but also reduces the effects of inauspicious planets. Let us know in detail about the remedies related to salt and cloves through this article -

* Salt and cloves:

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If there is constant discord in your house, then keep salt in a glass bottle and put 4-5 cloves in it. By doing this, the negativity in the house starts going away and happiness and peace start to reside in your house. Remember to keep the salt in a glass bottle only and not in steel or iron.

* Salt and red light:

For this, mix salt and water in a glass. After this, keep this glass in the northeast direction and then light a red bulb here. After the water dries, fill it again with water and keep it aside. By doing this regularly for a month, you get financial benefits and along with this you also get back your stuck money.

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* Glass and Salt :

Let us tell you that glass is considered to be the factor of Rahu, for this, you fill salt in a glass bowl and keep it in the north-east corner. By doing this, happiness and prosperity remain in the house and to remove the domestic troubles from your house, you can also keep this bowl in the west-south direction of the house.

* For promotion:

According to Vastu Shastra, it is said that to get a promotion in a job, you can do this solution related to salt. For this, take salt in your hand and rotate it over your head 7 times, and then throw it outside the house. By doing this, chances of promotion start getting created and you start getting benefits in business also. To get better results, you must do this remedy continuously for 7 days.

* For money flow:

If you have money but it is not staying at home, then you must put salt water in your house on Saturday and Tuesday. But if the problem is severe then you can plant a plant in salt water daily. By doing this Goddess Lakshmi enters the house and negative energy is destroyed.