No matter how expensive and designer saree you buy from the market until you get the stylish blouse stitched with the saree, it does not get the look you want. In such a situation, you will find many designs of blouses on the internet and in fashion magazines. But nowadays the design of a blouse is becoming very popular.

You must have seen many Bollywood actresses in such blouses which have metal in the cleavage line and sticks to the chest. This type of blouse design is called an underwire blouse. This type of blouse looks very stylish and the fashion brand named Cubic has introduced this blouse design.

The best thing is that you can carry the underwire blouse not only with a saree but also with any other outfit.

Let us tell you which outfit you can carry underwire the blouse and how you can look fashionable.

Underwire blouse with saree

  • You can easily carry an underwire blouse with a saree. If you club this bralette-like blouse with a saree, you will look very glamorous.
  • If you are carrying this type of blouse, then you should drape the pallu of the saree in a cowl style.
  • You can carry a structured saree with this type of blouse. By the way, not only bralette but you can also carry a corset style in this type of blouse.

Underwire blouse with a pantsuit

  • You can also carry an underwire bralette blouse with a pantsuit. White and black coloured underwire blouses will go well with any colour pantsuit. On the other hand, if you are wearing a co-ord set, then this type of blouse looks good with it too.
  • You can carry this type of blouse under the blazer as well. It gives you professionalism and is very elegant. You can carry them to office parties or meetings.
  • Keep in mind that if you are carrying it in the office, then you must wear a blazer over it.

Lehenga with underwire blouse

  • Underwire blouses look amazing with lehengas. The best thing is that nowadays there is a trend for wearing short blouses and in this way you can make both short and long-length blouse designs.
  • You can also carry an underwire bralette blouse with sharara pants and a long jacket. It is up to you to decide whether the hook in the middle of the bodice will be upwards or downwards.
  • Also, keep in mind that you do not have to hide this design of blouse with a scarf or any cape, rather you will look stylish only after flaunting it.


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