Tulsi plant is found in everyone's house, according to Hindu belief, the Tulsi plant is considered auspicious because Goddess Lakshmi resides in it. Apart from this, Tulsi is considered beneficial for the house. It is given importance in the month of Kartik and is worshiped by lighting a lamp.

If you have a Tulsi plant in your house or you want to plant it, then definitely follow these Vastu tips:

Tulsi plant should be planted in the north or north-east direction of the balcony or window. Apart from this, you can also plant it in the courtyard.
In Hinduism, Tulsi is considered to be a very great goddess, so while keeping it, keep in mind that it should be kept near flowers or trees and not near cactus and thorny plants.
Make sure to light a lamp near the Tulsi plant every evening. It is said that by lighting a lamp daily, Mahalakshmi's grace remains in that house.
According to Vastu, always plant Tulsi plant in one corner only. It should not be placed in the middle of the courtyard.
According to Vastu Shastra, Tulsi eliminates Vastu defects, so you should plant a Tulsi plant in a place where there is a Vastu error.
Tulsi plant should be kept in a clean place as its effect is reduced by dust.
If there is any kind of Vastu defect in the Northeast corner of the house, then a Tulsi plant should be planted in this direction.
Do not keep a broom or dustbin around the Tulsi plant by mistake.
Apart from this, keep in mind that if you want to plant more than one basil plant in the house, then this number should be odd like 3, 5, 7, etc.