Night's sleep is considered like medicine for us, in which any kind of disturbance works to harm our health. Some of us have the habit of keeping the lights on when we sleep at night because they are afraid of the dark. If this is your habit too, then it can be a cause of concern because the habit of sleeping with lights on works to harm your health. Here we are talking not only about room light but also about the light of your TV or laptop. We are going to tell you here how the habit of sleeping with the lights on can take a toll on your health. Let's know about it...

May be a victim of depression
Light is essential for our bodies. Darkness is equally important. Perhaps you have heard that the sun does not set for 6 months in polar countries like Sweden and Norway. Because of this, many people there fall into the grip of depression. Similarly, if you stay in the light for a long time, then you may also feel a lot of depression and irritability. So try to stay without lights for some time.

Obesity risk
Studies conducted on women have revealed that people who sleep with room lights or TV on are at risk of serious diseases. At the same time, the risk of obesity is high in people who do this. People who sleep with the lights off do not have to face these problems. At the same time, many serious diseases are also called due to the danger of obesity. Therefore, if you also sleep with the light on, then you should also leave this habit soon.

Increases blood sugar level
Keeping the light on for a long time while sleeping at night increases your blood sugar level. This puts you at risk of diabetes and insulin resistance. That's why try to leave this habit soon. Because sleep is directly related to our health. Light works to disturb the systems of the body. So biomechanical changes start happening in your body. During this, you are at risk of high blood pressure, and heart disease.