We all know very well that there are many such places in this world that are known for their amazing views. Let's talk about Hanoi here, first of all, you will remember the village that makes incense sticks here, but let us tell you that Hanoi is not only famous all over the world for this reason, but it also has another special reason. Let us tell you that recently a famous train street also exists which passes through the pride of the people and the middle of the villages. In some places, the distance of the railway track from the house is so short that people have to close their gates before the departure of the train. Let us tell you that this place is considered to be one of the most unique travel destinations in Vietnam, which is why this train street is very famous all over the world, let us know about it in detail -

* Train Street became Hanoi's tourist spot:

It is said that this place has been the most favorite tourist place of Hanoi for a long time, whoever comes here does not go without taking a selfie, but sometimes there is a lot of concern about the safety of the tourists coming here. Because some people like to get photography done while sitting on the track or lying on the rail track and posing. The most special thing here is that the people living here remove their luggage even before the arrival of the train, this thing happens several times a day.

* Train Street was closed:

It is said that a few years ago, due to security concerns, the tourist activities here were stopped by the authorities, but now the small cafes along the road and tracks have reopened. This area is believed to be the oldest to be in and has also been the economic center of the city for a long time. Due to the order of the government, very tall buildings cannot be constructed in this area. Here you get to see such a sight that shortly after the train passes, people again get involved in their work around the railway track.