Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country known for its unique and strict laws. However, at present, it is being seen that the laws here are moving towards change, due to which tourism here has also started increasing. There is a time when there is no sign of tourism in the country. Tourism in the state developed in a very short period. Recently, Saudi has allowed foreign couples to share hotel rooms without providing proof of marriage. Apart from this, a woman will now be able to stay alone in a hotel room. In such a situation, you too can now plan to visit Saudi. Saudi Arabia is a country full of adventure. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about the places to visit in Saudi Arabia where you can enjoy roaming freely. Let's know about these places...

You can go to AlUla in Saudi Arabia, it is a great place to visit. Here you will find modern architecture, hegra and natural rocks. Here ancient inscriptions are also seen on the rocks, which tell about the history here. Also here you can see the mirror-clad concert hall, one of the most dunstagrammable buildings in the world, which leaves everyone in awe.

Fakih Aquarium
Saudi Arabia may be famous all over the world for its magnificent deserts, but believe the truth, after seeing the Fakih Aquarium here, you will become crazy about it. Be it children or a loving couple who have come to visit, both of them are going to like this world very much. Your time roaming in this water aquarium will be so memorable that you will not be able to forget it.

King Abdullah Park
King Abdullah Park, situated in Riyadh city, the capital of Saudi, is one of the most special places here. Large attractive lawns and green fields are so liked by people that people living nearby come here for cycling in the early morning. Along with this, there are many cafes available for you and many places for children to play. But what makes King Abdullah Park the most special is the Singing Fountain here. When the sun sets, the park turns into the most spectacular party. You can enjoy a wonderful evening with these fountains.

Red sea
You can easily spot dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles in the Red Sea. Every year a large number of people from India and abroad reach here to see this sight. This is the perfect place for snorkelers and sea lovers. Not only this, the view of watching the sun setting here in the evening while sitting on the beach is the most wonderful sight.